CSA Box for the Week of August 22, 2016

Hello to our spectacular CSA members! Did y’all manage to stay cool the past several days? Hopefully those melons from last week’s box were a cool treat. We’ve got another exciting array of produce for you this week, including a couple of new items. Let’s dig in!

Red-Peppers   Pickles

Pickling cucumbers: This year, our market customers have been going crazy for our pickling cucumbers, making all kinds of neat treats, from canned dill spears and whole fermented dills to bread and butter chips and quick refrigerator pickles. We wanted to share some of these with you, too! If you’re looking for a simple way to prepare these, refrigerator pickles are the way to go. You just make a quick brine on the stovetop and pour over your sliced cukes, and refrigerate. They’ll stay good for several weeks. Here’s one recipe to check out (though there are tons of them online, so look around to find something to suite your tastes): Easy Refrigerator Pickles Recipe. If you have a large crock, you could also check out some recipes for crock pickles, which you let ferment on the countertop. They’re really flavorful and kind of a fun science experiment.

Lemon cucumbers

Heirloom tomatoes

Green beans: For a cool recipe, try this Green Bean Salad.

Sweet red roasting peppers: These are really coming on in abundance right now! Everyone gets a few. Matt grilled some the other day with just olive oil and salt, and reports that they were really delicious.

Sweet red bell pepper

Large sweet onion


Jalapeno peppers: Like bell peppers, jalapenos will turn color eventually. In this case, to red. We tend to pick them once they’ve fully ripened and turned color. They can vary in heat level depending on lots of factors, from the temperature outside to the amount of water the plants get. If you’re a pepper fan looking for a snack, a couple of cheese-stuffed jalapenos is always a treat.

Cantaloupes: This week, you get to try another Hannah’s Choice cantaloupe as well as one of the cute, personal-sized cantaloupes called French Orange.

Red potatoes

Soap: It’s soap week once again! 🙂 This is our Cocoa Orange Coffeecake soap, which includes powders made from ground homegrown chicory and pumpkin as well as orange and clove bud essential oils.

Bonus item! Gravenstein apples: A few more crunchy apples for you.

Bonus item! Fresh basil

Feel free to let us know what fresh dishes you’re enjoying this week. Thanks, everyone!