CSA Box for the Week of August 8, 2016

Hey, everyone! This is another one of those busy days for us, so this newsletter will be short and sweet. We’re working on harvesting most of our onions out in the field today. It’s exciting to see them all piled up! Here’s what you’ll get to chow down on this week:


Sweet corn: The first of the sweet corn is ready! We had one of our farmers market customers email us just to say this is the best sweet corn she’s EVER tasted. We hope you love it, too. It’s so sweet and tender that we sometimes just shuck it and eat it raw off the ear. Of course, warming it up and adding butter, salt and pepper is always delicious. Need more ideas? Here’s a fun list of people sharing their favorite ways to prepare sweet corn.

Heirloom tomato

Lemon cucumbers

Cherry tomatoes: If ever you’re looking to store your cherry tomatoes for later, they dry really well in a food dehydrator.

Sweet Spanish white onion

Fresh basil

Sweet red roasting pepper: Sometimes we roast these peppers and freeze them, and then later make roasted red-pepper hummus with them. So good!

Red new potatoes


Loose beets

Happy cooking, friends!