CSA Box for the Week of November 7, 2016

Good afternoon, CSA friends! This is your third-to-last CSA box. We’ve so enjoyed getting these boxes of produce ready for you, and we hope you’ve been loving them as well. Here’s the rundown of this week’s goodies:

Dried beans: You’ll likely recognize this bean by its shape. Yes, it’s a garbanzo! But it’s a black garbanzo called Black Kabouli. It has a flavor similar to the beige-colored ones you are used to but has a more creamy texture. It makes a wonderful dark humus (especially when paired with dark-red roasted peppers) and is excellent for use in stews, curries, Middle Eastern cooking, or Indian dishes.



Leeks: These impart such a lovely, oniony flavor reminiscent of fall to any dish. Finely dice the white part of the leek when cooking. They work especially well with potatoes. Try these and your red potatoes in this soup recipe or this recipe for smashed red potatoes with leeks.

Red potatoes

Sweet onion

Winter squash: A nice classic Butternut squash, one of the most popular winter squash varieties. Wonderful roasted or in butternut squash soup. One recipe we like is to peel, de-seed and cut the squash into chunks, and then toss with honey, olive oil, and finely diced jalapeno. Then, just roast in a big pan until the chunks are tender and golden.

Jalapeno: A pepper in case you’d like to try the recipe above.

Green pepper

Happy cooking!