CSA Box for the Week of September 19, 2016


If you can’t tell by now, we really like growing all kinds of peppers. And today we’ve got another new one to share with you! Here’s the scoop on this week’s box:

Pasilla peppers: A rich smoky-flavored, relatively mild pepper that ripens to a chocolaty dark green/brown. Often dried and powdered. Particularly good in mole sauces. In its fresh form, this pepper may be called “chilaca.”


Garlic: Making its CSA debut is the St. Helens variety of garlic. This garlic is quite warm and pungent raw, but mellows to a rich, nutty flavor when roasted. This is a softneck type of garlic that stores well.

Bell pepper




Beets: We’ve got our eye on this interesting recipe for Roasted Beet Risotto.


Sweet onion

Soap: Need to get some grit and grime off your hands? It’s soap week once again, and this is our Green Thumb Gardener’s soap, complete with the natural scrubbing power of poppy seeds.

Bonus item! Green beans

Bonus item! Sweet slicing cucumber

Bonus item! Zucchini

Bonus item! Broccoli Raab

Have a great week, everyone!