What We Offer

At Matt-Cyn Farms, our primary goal is to grow an abundance of healthy, delicious, pesticide-free food for our community, and have fun doing it. Here’s a bit more about the types of products we offer:

Nursery Plant Starts

In April through June, we offer an incredibly diverse selection of vegetable, herb, and flower plant starts for the gardeners in our community. We try to offer classics as well as rarer heirloom varieties you’re not likely to find in garden centers. We choose varieties we’ve had success with in the Pacific Northwest, and we put together custom six-packs of many crops, so that you get a range of colors, flavors and harvest times.

To see the most common plant starts we offer, check out our Vegetable Plant Starts list.

Plant Starts for Sale Strawberry Starts Plant Starts

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

We’re all about diversity at the farm, growing more than 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables! We offer exceptional-quality fresh veggie staples that many folks use week to week, such as beets, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, peppers, potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, zucchini, and much more. We also cater to the adventurous eater and curious cook. We offer crops and varieties that people are unlikely to find at the grocery store, such as ground cherries, purple kohlrabi, and multiple varieties of hot peppers.

Check out our Produce List to see when different fruits and vegetables are seasonally available from the farm.

Organic Lettuce Fresh Market Produce Summer Produce

Specialty Storage Crops

Dried Beans. We love growing crops that can carry folks through the winter months when seasonal produce isn’t available in abundance. We grow the most diverse selection of heirloom dried beans in the entire state of Oregon, offering about 40 varieties of dried beans each year. Check out this detailed list of our bean varieties in our 2019 Dried Bean List.

Garlic. We offer 12 amazing varieties of garlic each year, too. We’ve been hand-selecting seed garlic right on the farm for more than a decade, and we feel really proud to say we have some of the best garlic in the Willamette Valley. We color-code our garlic varieties by marking a thin band around the top of each bulb’s stem, and offer detailed descriptions of each one. Check them out in the Matt-Cyn Farms Garlic List.

Other popular storage crops include sweet potatoes, onions, and multiple varieties of winter squash.

Heirloom dried beans Heirloom garlic harvest Winter squash varieties

Bulk Canning Quantities

We’re really into food preservation at the farm. We love to help customers with special orders, such as bulk orders of tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, or green beans for canning projects. You are welcome to contact us anytime about bulk canning specials. If you order in advance, you can pick up bulk produce at the Corvallis Farmers Market. We also offer the option for on-farm pick-up here in Albany; just send us an email if you’re interested in this option, and we’ll give you directions out to the farm.

Award-Winning-Tomatoes Pickling CucumbersHome Canning

Rustic Garden Soaps

Cyndee is a soapmaker extraordinaire. Using the traditional cold-process method, she whips up creative soap combinations that contain herbs, teas and natural colorants all made with ingredients she harvests from the farm. Learn about our full selection of Rustic Garden Soaps, and swing by our booth at market to take a whiff!

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